Retelling the Prioress's Tale

I'm very intrigued by your post on your creative re-telling of the Prioress's Tale, Sophie! Am I correct in taking your to mean that you composed the song in some sort of strophic form?  How easy would it be to take a look at the chord structure, or better yet, the melodic line(s) of the strophes?

Comments on Sean's Response to Retelling the Prioress's Tale

Sean, I decided to write 3 sets of melody which created dramatic shifts depending on the part of the narrative. These 3 melodic units rotated every 4 verses. It's in 6/8:
First unit
Am - G - Am - G
Bb - Am - Dm - E (half bar) - Am (half bar)
Second unit
D - Am - C - Bb 
Dm - Am - G - Bb - A (yes, an extra bar)
Third unit
Dm - Am - Dm - Am
Bb - Am - G - E
This was pretty hard to sing a capella! I have a pretty off-key(s) exerpt of it as part of my Youtube compilation of the pilgrimage. Just pretend it's in the right key(s)!

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 Drupal is driving me totally nuts. Anyone else getting "comment field required" (and deletion of their comment) while trying to POST a comment in the forum?

That's bizarre! I haven't had

That's bizarre! I haven't had it happen to me yet, but by saying that I've probably now ensured that it will.